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Putting Your Mountain Skills to Use
So maybe you think you've done it all in these mountains, recreation-wise. You've hiked every conceivable trail, climbed the classic routes, spent weeks in the backcountry, bouldered, skied, snowboarded and mountain-biked to the limits of your fancy. You know that you've got a good head on your shoulders, that you've got some skills.

But in introspective moments, you notice you're getting a little weary of the self-absorption and one-up-manship of the adrenaline set. You've got an abundance of energy, aptitude, and good judgment -- but what does it all amount to? Perhaps it's time to consider another "lifestyle" alternative. Wrightwood/Phelan's volunteer search and rescue team recruits year-around, and we are looking for a few good men and women. In San Bernardino County, as in most of the counties of California, the search and rescue team is comprised of volunteers. The Sheriff's Department oversees the team, but all members participating in rescue operations do so for free.

Membership Application
1. Complete and turn in the “Preliminary Candidate Selection Application”.

2. Attend at least three Monthly Meetings, complete a detailed application packet and pass a background check.

3. Be sworn in and receive you ID card.

4. Purchase uniform and equipment.

5. Become NASAR-certified as a Search and Rescue Technician II within one year of submitting the application packet.

Time and Materials
With any SAR unit there is a serious time commitment. We recognize that your time is valuable and are grateful for you time and effort. We need new members, but we need you to think about your spare time that you have and the flexibility of your schedule. Team meetings and trainings are mandatory, we have one monthly meeting as well as one or more trainings each month. Dedicated SAR members will schedule personal time for fitness and skills practice that may be as much as ten hours per week. This, of course, is above and beyond, responding to Search and Rescue call-outs, which could be anywhere from 2 hours to 72 hours of your time. As volunteers we are required to provide our own uniforms and personal equipment.

Minimum Age Requirements
You must be at least eighteen years of age to be a search & rescue citizen volunteer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. There is no maximum age restriction for a search & rescue citizen volunteer.

So What's Next?
If you are like most of the people involved in the Wrightwood/Phelan Search & Rescue Team, you will get a feeling of satisfaction that you are making a difference... It is our hope that this pamphlet has answered most of your questions about Search and Rescue. We hope that you decide to join the Wrightwood/Phelan Search & Rescue Team, We need good and dedicated members. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the contact person listed.

If I don't want to join Search and Rescue, what should I do?
The fact that you are reading this handout says something about your very character. You feel a need to help. The last thing we want to do is to stop you from wanting to help. As mentioned earlier this packet was prepared by us to help you. If you thought SAR was something else, and it's not how you want to help, there are many avenues open to you. The information that follows presents some alternative methods in which you can volunteer your time to assist the community.

1. There are different volunteer teams within the Sheriff's department: Patrol Reserves, Posse, Dive team, Aviation, Search Dog Team, and Citizen Patrol. Contact Volunteer Services for further information.

2. Local hospitals are often in need of volunteers to help them in different areas (refer to a telephone book).

3. Have you considered volunteering time to youth programs? The Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts have outdoor activities etc.

4. There are many other support groups and volunteer organizations listed in the telephone books.

Whatever you decide we thank you for your interest in our team, and wish you well.

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